Research Outline

The transcriptional control is a key step for development, stress response, and various diseases of human being. Ever since its establishment in 1989, our laboratory has directed its research activities towards (i) the understanding of the molecular mechanisms by which nuclear oncogene products or tumor suppressor proteins regulate cellular proliferation, and (ii) the identification and characterization of the novel transcription factors which are involved in cellular growth control. Through the use of molecular biology and biochemistry techniques and, in some cases, employing whole animal systems, we are investigating the details of several control processes. In our lab, there are three groups (molecular biology, mouse, and Drosophila). Those groups are using different methods, but focused on the same transcriptional regulators. So, we often have a lot of discussions based on the data obtained by using different approaches.

Detailed Research Projects
1. Myb oncogene product as a transcriptional regulator
4. Transcriptional corepressors Ski/Sno
6. Transcriptional regulator Cubitus interruptus (Ci)/GLI
7. Use of RNA interference to generate the knock-down mice
8. Nuclear reprogramming mechanisms