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The 2nd ANRRC
(Asian Network of Research Resource Centers)
Meeting in Tsukuba, Japan

Report of the 2nd ANRRC Meeting (November 2,2010 )

The second meeting of the Asian Network of Research Resource Centers (ANRRC) was held on October 28 and 29, 2010 at the RIKEN BioResources Center (BRC). The ANRRC was established to make scientific, technological and innovative contributions for the development of bioresources in Asia.

Meeting participants consisted of 124 specialists from institutes maintaining bioresources in thirteen countries, who reported on the facilities in their own countries and formulated a new charter that included ANRRC's goal and future direction.

[Charter (Full Text)]

LEE Yeonhee, director of the Korean Network of Research Resource Centers (KNRRC) was appointed as president of ANRRC. DONG Xiuzhu, director of the Biological Resources Center, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Science (IMCAS) and OBATA Yuichi, director of RIKEN BRC were appointed as vice-president.

The third meeting of ANRRC is scheduled to be hosted by IMCAS, with Beijing as the venue.

The new charter is summarized as follows.

The goal of the ANRRC is to facilitate the access to the research resources to improve the welfare of Asian people by promoting the sciences, technologies, and innovations in Asia.

  • Facilitate the use of the research resources, and sharing the research resources and the work among Asian institutions, across national boundaries and barriers.
  • Ensure the freedom of academic use of the research resources and of publications of research results using the research resources, and the protection of intellectual property rights of the developers.
  • Work cooperatively to secure access to, and utilization of, available resources, services, and expertise in all aspects of collection, archiving, management, and distribution of the research resources.
  • Achieve common approaches to insure efficient, effective, and economical access to the research resources and services by the research resource centers.
  • Commit to cooperative, standardized approaches to selection, archiving, protection, safe management, and distribution of the research resources.
  • Establish a common baseline standard of operation as regards quality control and environmental management.

Drafting of the ANRRC charter

Group photograph, the 2nd ANRRC meeting

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